In our world today, we travel with electronics. There is no way around that. Unless you are traveling to a remote destination like the African Sahara or the jungle of the Amazon, connection to the world wide web is available to you.


Even en route to your destination, you will inevitably use technology to navigate your itinerary, get information about your flight or maybe even to document your trip. That is why it is essential to use technology platforms that are going to keep your information safe, secure and accessible.


Thus, the 6 essential travel apps.



Dayone Mike Fazelian

DayOne is a journaling app that allows you to document your travels. In it, you can write down your thoughts and experiences like a typical journal. But it is so much more than that! It has a large emphasis on photography. You can use it as a photojournal, taking pics every step of the way on your travels. It will date, time stamp and even tag to the location of your pic. Then when you get home, you can export the entire thing! Traveling is nothing without memory. This is the perfect way to remember every moment!


PackPoint Packing List


Everyone’s biggest fear is forgetting something when they are packing for a big trip. PackPoint helps you remember everything you need by building a list for you based on your destination, length of trip and activities you have planned. This app is super helpful!

XE Currency

XE Currency

One of the most confusing things in the world is world currency. I hate it. XE Currency is ridiculously helpful because you no longer have to do all of the math in your head. You can type the prices into the  app and it will convert it into the numbers you need!

Google Translate


If you haven’t been blessed to speak or understand multiple languages, Google Translate can help you do just that. Just type in a word or short phrase and the app will translate it for you. Don’t get stuck looking like an uninformed tourist ever again. ( Although you will still look like a tourist, at least you will look like one who knows what is being said.)



If you are anything like me, you like to diversify the types of accommodations you stay in when you travel.  When in the south of France, a cottage might be your best option. When traveling the streets of London on a budget, you might want to stay in a hostel. Or maybe you want to splurge and you have the funds for a luxury in New York. Airbnb can help you find all of these options on any budget you might have. You might also have a home or space you want to list for rent. You can also do that on Airbnb.



Like Airbnb, Uber has revolutionized the way we ride and travel within cities. If you can’t get a taxi or you find yourself lost in an urban environment far away from home, you can catch an uber. After connecting the app to your credit, debit card or bank account, all you have to do is input your location and your destination and a car will come and pick you up. You can even pick what type of car you want to ride, whether it be a luxury car or something more economical.

Converter Plus

converter plus

Converter Plus is cool because like XE Currency, it can convert any currency amount. But wait! There’s more! More than just currency, Converter Plus will convert anything that needs converting! It has the most extensive list of units of all travel apps. You can convert things like kelvin, inches, temperature, distances and much more. It also has some pretty in depth calculators for things like mortgages, loans, tips and even fuel consumption. This app is beyond useful in any country.