During college is the ideal time to travel. It’s when the wanderlust bug bites many students and they have lots of time off from school for breaks and often know people from all over the country and even the world. Unfortunately, this time, a period is also when people have the least access to regular income in their lives. They may work during school, but it’s usually only a part-time job, usually for only minimum wage. So, this issue leaves many students wondering, where can I go on my budget? What cities are best suited to students? Well, I’ve compiled a helpful list that provides some of the top travel destinations for college students.

  • Romania

Romania seems like a land of a fairy-tale; stunning castles on mountain peaks (like the home of the legendary Count Dracula), dense forests, and a rich culture full of folklore and tales. The history and culture of the country are beautiful and provides endless fascination for tourists. Visit Bucharest, the nation’s capital, and you’ll easily be able to find an affordable place to stay.

  • Thailand

This country has gorgeous Buddhist temples hidden away in forests, along with great beaches. The street food is mouthwatering, and you can even take a cooking class while there! Check out the city of Bangkok, along with Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

  • Czech Republic

It’s only been a few decades since the Czech Republic was no longer ruled by communism. Since then, their tourism has flourished with many people discovering the beauty that was hidden away in this country behind the Iron Curtain. Students love visiting, where you can get beer for a couple dollars, along with delicious food, all while seeing the stunning architecture that’s everywhere, especially in Prague.

  • Ecuador

Ecuador has colonial architecture, beautiful Amazon rainforests, and volcanoes. Accommodations and food are incredibly cheap, especially considering that Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar, so you don’t have to worry about an exchange rate. Explore a beach town, like Montanita, and head to the Andes Mountains for stunning views.

  • Albania

Sometimes, travel to Europe can be affordable. Albania (along with Romania and the Czech Republic) is one of those places. This country is one of the least popular on tourist lists, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stunning. From beaches on the Adriatic Sea to mountain villages, Albania offers a wide range of great sites.

  • Sri Lanka

This small country possesses eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, including various tea plantations, mountains, and beautiful rainforests filled with exotic wildlife. Sri Lanka is small enough that it’s incredibly easy to travel around and see a lot of sites, while also doing it for an affordable price. Don’t forget to visit temples, some beaches, and try the succulent food.

  • Nicaragua

Because of recent political instability, many tourists didn’t visit Nicaragua. But now, the country is stable and a great place to visit! This might be the most affordable country in Central America. Head to Grenada for a cheap place to stay and a city rich in history, then also visit some of the beautiful beaches for surfing and stunning views of volcanoes!