If you’re anything like me then you must enjoy traveling around the world and experience new things. Of course with travel comes expenses and sometimes our lack of funds can hinder us from doing the things that we truly enjoy. Fortunately enough with the help of social media and the various websites out there that enable people to make money, you can certainly “ball out” on your next trip, while still sticking to your budget.

So how can this be? How can you fund your cross-country trip without panhandling on the corner? Read along and I’ll explain to you just how it’s done.

International Employment

Many people use international employment as a way to see the world, and for those of you looking to travel this may be an option for you. Overseas employment allows you to work for cash as well as see the world like you’ve never had before. However, before booking your next flight to Argentina, it would be best to save some money before you go, which brings me to my next point.

Seasonal/Temp Work (and Savings)

When planning an extended stay in a foreign country, it is always a good idea to save your money while you’re still in the planning stages. Taking a seasonal or temp job close by is a sure-fire way to increase your savings and traveling goals. This is a strategy that many people use, working part of the year to save up, and then taking short sabbaticals to explore. You’ll definitely get more out of it and you don’t have to work as much.


If you have a talent for writing and you wouldn’t mind getting paid for it then this option is definitely for you! With the rise of new products, music, and social issues, many people are attracted to blogging because it can be a form or creative expression and a way to get your voice out to an audience. There are a lot of websites out there that will pay you for blogging or becoming a guest blogger for different topics. Here is a list of some legit blogging sites that do just that.




So there you have it, sounds simple right? If you want to know more ways on how to fund your next adventure follow me on Twitter @MikeFazelian or visit my travel website.



Thanks for reading!